LED Home Lightings

LED home lightings

The LED lightings is needed in everywhere of home with super brightness and energy-saving nature. Ceiling lights, kitchen lights, workshop lights, foyer lights, closet lights, stair lights, desk lights, basement lights, garage lights, toilet lights are included. Available in various shape and style.

LED Decorative Lightings

LED Decorative Lightings

Decoration lights contain Christmas lights and stage laser lights. They are used for home, garden outdoor decoration with characteristic of waterproof. Remote control colors and partners is more convenient to make stage, garden more colorful and beautiful.

Automotive LED Work lights

Automotive working light

Super brightness high quality cree auto work lights with spot and flood light angle. Durable and adjustable mounting for easy installation for all types of vehicles LED working lamps. Waterproof and dustproof working lights are also suitable for many outdoor activities, such as construction, farming, mining.

Automotive LED headlight

automotive led headlight

Auto LED headlights fit for 99% various vehicles with the feature of single/bio beam or Hi/Lo beam. Car LED headlamps is super brightness, energy saving and long service life. These LED headlamps come in various base of type, such as H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, H13, H16, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, PXS24, PXS26, P13.

LED Home Craft Lightings

LED home craft lightings

With distinct shape, style, color, LED home craft lightings are used to decorate home and create great atmosphere. Perfect for positioning lights to any decorative or holiday project, indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, etc. Low heat generating, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe to use.

Other LED Lightings

other led lightings

Other LED lightings, such as T6 LED headlamp, flashlight, are suitable for camping, fishing, hunting, clamping, hiking, bicycling, etc, outdoor activities with rechargeable battery. Super brightness, waterproof make it available in rainy dark day.

Offroad LED Light Bars

Offroad LED light bars

Choose from straight and curve lights. Off road light bars contain single /dual /3-row/ 4-row light bars, 3D/4D/5D light bars, amber and slim light bars. DRL and flash function are available. They are extensively used in off road, Jeep, Harley, ATVs, UTVs, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, farm vehicles, construction vehicles.

Automotive LED bulbs

automotive led bulbs

Automotive LED bulbs can directly replace the original halogen car bulb. Play and plug as license plate light, reading light, dome light, map light, clearance light, back-up light, brake light, fog light, turn signal light. The bulbs come in various type of base, such asT5, T10, T15,T20, T25, S25, Ba9s, 1156,1157, 7443,7440, 3156,3157, etc.

Jeep/Harley Headlights

Jeep/Harley headlights

Available in various powder, colors-LED headlights are widely used for Jeep wrangler, Harley Davidson, truck, Hummer, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycle etc. Products include 7 inch/5.45inch lights, high beam/low beam lights, round/ square lights, angle/evil eye (DRL, halo) lights, turning lights and RGB LED headlamps.

Automotive LED Angel Eye/DRL

Auto led angel eye/drl

Available in different power, color—Daytime running light plug & play, directly replace the original marker with error free when install in vehicle. High performance and low consumption halo ring directly sell from factory.

Other Automotive Lightings

Other Automotive Lightings

Other auto lightings includes tail lights, fog lights, strobe lights, truck lights and marine lights. High-quality cree LED light beads, super brightness, low price direct from manufacturer. Simple and easy to use fit for most of the cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, campers, buses, vans, etc.

Scooter/Motorcycle Headlights

Scooter/Motorcycle headlight

Scooter headlight, such as U2,U3,U5,U7, are suitable for various motorcycles; also universally use as headlamp, spotlight, fog light for automobile, electric vehicle, boat, car, truck, etc. With high beam, low beam, strobe light 3 kinds of light types, DRL and angel eye are available.

Automotive Decorative Lights

auto decorative light

Colorful auto decorative/retrofitting lights to make vehicles beautiful and cool in the dark. Available in different color, size, wire length, including four light atmosphere, monochromatic light , acoustic light atmosphere, Voice control lamp, APP voice-activated light , acoustic chassis lights and tail box lamp.

Automotive Light Accessories

auto light accessories

Selections include everything needed to complete your auto light installation, products contain line resistance, electric resistance, canbus, bracket, light bar switch, lens covers.

Company Profile more

Guangzhou Lion Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2003 which is specialized in various LED lights, including vehicle lightings, auto lighting accessories, home lightings, decorative lightings, other LED lightings, etc.

After more than 10 years of manufacturing and wholesale LED to many of countries from all over the world including to The United States, The United Kingdom, Germany,Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Romania, France, Sweden, Switzerland,etc, now Lion company pay more attention to research and develop new technical LED products. For example, car LED headlights, which replace hid and halogen headlights, are not only brighter but also more energy-efficient and environmental.