LED Offroad Light Bar

Super bright light bar with good quality cree led. Low price direct from manufacturer. Durable and adjustable mounting for easy installation for all types of vehicles offroad led light bar .

Car LED Headlight

LED auto headlights replacement for vehicles and other 12 Volts applications. Led headlight High brightness, energy saving and long service life. Anti-vibration, impact resistance, non-destructive installation simple, suitable for 99% of vehicle.

Motorcycle LED Lights

Energy saving Motorcycle led lights, made of high quality Aerospace Aluminum comes with radiator, Low consumption, high brightness, long life, the distance light one, suitable for most motorcycle. Easy to install, no instruction included.

LED Truck Lights

High quality led truck light,non corrosive housing, waterproof, damp Proof, low temperature and durable Super bright. Simple and easy to use fit for most truck, trailers, caravans, campers, buses, vans etc.

Led working light

High quality cree led work light.Professional automotive lighting manufacturers.Durable and adjustable mounting for easy installation for all types of vehicles led working lamp.

Automotive Light

Led automotive light can directly replace the original car halogen bulb use, high-quality led lamp beads, high brightness, light uniformity, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used for automotive steering lights, showing the wide lights, reading lights, brake lights, door lights, etc.

Other Auto Lightings and Accessories

Anti-collision Laser Fog Lamp in rain and fog weather and ground can emit a laser beam in the air than traditional fog lamps can easily be found, more penetrating power, low power consumption, reduce fuel consumption, save energy.

Marine LED Lights

Hight power LED underwater light , Aluminum & bronze shell, safe, avoiding corroding, high brightness. Impact resistant tempered glass. Wide Working Current Range. Lower Electric Consumption. Shake-proof, Energy-Saving, Environmental-Friendly.

Company Profile more

Lion Company has been producing led autolamps from 2003. After about 10 years of producing automotive lightings, Lion Company has more experience in producing led automotive bulbs which makes it providing high quality and great customer service and superior technical support to it’s customers.

After more than 10 years of manufacture and wholesale led to all over the world, Now Lion Company are producing and offering new led technical products. For example, Care led headlight, which replaces hid and halogen headlights. Super bright LED offroad light bar, led work lights, motorcycle led lights. Etc..